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saveONEnergy Replacement Program
Many people know that energy rebates in Ontario exist, but are unsure how to access them or do not buy from a participating dealer. At Air Design Services we educate each customer on which energy rebates are available in Ontario, and how they can qualify. Many times it can make up the difference between the furnace or air conditioner that they can afford and the unit that best suits their home. Energy rebates are available for CAC (central air conditioning) and ECM (electronically commuted motor), gas, propane & oil furnaces.

Not only will you save money on the purchase of your new air conditioner or furnace through energy rebates in Ontario, but you'll also save on energy bills! Ontario's SaveonEnergy program has set up an educational tour of the traditional home with tips on how you can save even more energy in each room.

Find out more about the SaveONenergy program by contacting Air Design Services today!
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